•    Extensive work in film and video, as well as in drawing, design & screen printing.

•    First feature film “The Pink Hotel” completed April 2010.

•    Second feature film “The Poisoner” completed January 2014.

•    Screened and Exhibited Internationally


EDUCATION:    Bachelor of Arts in Film/Video, May 2006

Columbia College Chicago, Chicago IL





  • Promotional Video for Jessica Joslin’s exhibition “The Immortal Zoo”
  • Included on Hi-Fructose Magazine website      October 2014
  • Music Video for EATERS “Far”            
  • Exclusive Premiere with Interview Magazine        February 2014
  • The Poisoner – Feature Film             Completed January 2014
  • Preview Screening at Lincoln Hall, Chicago        January 2014
  • Music Video for BENOIT PIOULARD “Reliquary”    
  • Premiered on Quietus U.K.                 March 2013
  • Music Video for THE HANDSOME FAMILY “Woodpecker”
  • Premiered on NPR’s First Watch                May 2013
  • Music Video for MUCCA PAZZA “Tube Sock Tango”
  • Premiered via Carrot Top Recordings Chicago        October 2012
  • Music Video for ERIK K. SKODVIN “Matiné”
  • Premiered via Miasmah Recordings Berlin         June 2011
  • Eva C – Video Installation                 June 2011
  • Exhibited at Defibrillator Gallery, Chicago
  • Music Video for DANIEL KNOX “Ghostsong”    
  • Premiered via Webb Whale Music         April 2010
  • The Pink Hotel – Feature Film             Completed April 2010
  • Premiere at The Music Box Theatre             April 2010
  • Little Theatre, Kalamazoo, MI             May 2010
  • Well Slept Film Festival, Chicago, IL            June 2010
  • Milwaukee Avenue Arts Festival, Chicago, IL        July 2010
  • Freud’s Bathhouse and Diner, Winnipeg, Canada         July 2010
  • Lincoln Hall, Chicago IL                    September, 2010
  • Chicago Filmmakers, Chicago IL                May 2014
  • The Three Chambers of E.A. Poe             Completed October 2009
  • Light & Shadow Salon, London, England            November 2009
  • The Three Organizations of L.R. Levato         Completed October 2009
  • Opposite States Exhibition, Chicago, IL            October 2009
  • Exhibition at Firecat Gallery, Chicago, IL            June 2011
  • Pravda (Entropy)                     Completed July 2008
  • Art Xposium, West Chicago, IL                 July 2008
  • pH Neutral Screening, Finch Gallery            November 2008





  • VERGE Art NYC                     May 2014

Charcoal drawings exhibited

  • Intelligentsia Coffeebar on Randolph             October 2013

Charcoal drawings & film loops exhibited.


        •   Made in the Midwest        November 2013

Group exhibition of Midwestern poster artists at Galerie F, Chicago


  • The Vacancy                         August 2012

         Four-artist exhibition with Tony Fitzpatrick, Duncan Robert Anderson

and Daniel Bruttig at LivingRoom Gallery, Chicago.

Charcoal drawings and video installation exhibited

  • Dystopia                                                                         April 2012

         Group exhibition at Las Manos Gallery, Chicago

Charcoal drawings, screen prints and film loops exhibited

  • BLOOD                             March 2012

Two-person exhibition with Andy Hefner at Saki Records, Chicago

Charcoal drawings and screen prints exhibited

  • Ragdale Exhibition                     October 2010

         Group exhibition curated by Audrey Niffenegger.

Drawings and Site-Specific Installation

  •    Sustenance 337 Singleton Blvd., Dallas, TX                                    September 2010

“Cast-Offs” Charcoal Drawing Series Exhibited

  • Chris Hefner: An Evening of Short Films & New Loops September 2009

Swimming Pool Project Space, Chicago, IL

Program of several short films screened alongside five new gallery loops.

  •    EXPO Solo Exhibition, Finch Gallery, Chicago                             June 2008





  • Guest Collaborator with Guy Maddin’s “Hauntings” Short Film Series

                 Winnipeg, Canada                                                July 2010



•  Poster design and screen printing commissioned by Andrew Bird, Mucca Pazza, Daniel Knox, Detholz!, Tom Musick, Ami Saraiya & The Outcome and the International Pancake Film Festival.